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The future of Walton County, Oconee County and the entire Northeast Georgia Region is growing brighter every day; and the Hard Labor Creek Regional Reservoir Project is a critical component of that bright future.  Water is essential to life, and its health and economic benefits are immeasurable.  Safe, reliable and sustainable water supply is key to the future viability and success of any community, and the Hard Labor Creek Regional Reservoir Project is a shining example of the leadership and vision required to provide for the current and future water supply needs of a growing population, maintain our current quality of life, and ensure our future economic viability.

Upon completion, the Hard Labor Creek Regional Reservoir will have a pool area of 1,370 acres, a storage volume of 12 billion gallons, and provide an additional 52 million gallons per day of water supply capacity that will meet Walton and Oconee County's needs for decades into the future. The Reservoir is critical to meeting future water supply needs, and will also provide recreational opportunities and other benefits for local residents.

We welcome your visit, and hope that the project information and resources available on this site are both helpful and informative.

Hard Labor Creek Reservoir is now open for public fishing.

Project Summary

The drought of 2006-2008 and the present tri-state water disputes have certainly underscored the most basic and critical need of both the current and future citizens of the State of Georgia: Reliable and Sustainable Water Supply. Sustained prosperity and acceptable living standards for the residents of Georgia cannot be maintained without a continued supply of clean, safe drinking water. To that end, Walton and Oconee County have formed a regional partnership to develop the Hard Labor Creek Regional Reservoir project to meet the future water supply needs of the Northeast Georgia Region.

Planning for the Hard Labor Creek Regional Reservoir Project was initiated in the early 1990’s, including a 1,370 acre reservoir located on Hard Labor Creek with pump diversion from the Apalachee River. Permitting activities for the project began in 1997, and the US Army Corps of Engineers approved and issued a 404 Permit for construction of the project in February 2004. In June 2008, the Georgia EPD approved and issued Water Withdrawal Permits for both the Hard Labor Creek Reservoir and the Apalachee River diversion providing an average water supply yield of 52 million gallons per day.

Project design, permitting and land acquisition is now 100% complete, and all project elements are currently under construction.

The Hard Labor Creek Regional Reservoir Project is critical to meeting the future water supply needs of our region, and to sustaining quality of life, economic viability and prosperity across Northeast Georgia.