Construction Progress

Dam / Reservoir

The Hard Labor Creek Regional Reservoir is located in southeastern Walton County, near the City of Social Circle. At completion, the reservoir will have a surface area of approximately 1,340 acres, and a storage volume of approximately 12 billion gallons.  The project includes the construction of a Category I earthen dam on Hard Labor Creek;  approximately 1,670 feet long, 560 feet wide, and 98 feet high, with a crest elevation of 712 feet mean sea level (MSL). The normal pool elevation will be at 700 MSL.   Construction of the dam was completed in August 2015.

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Road Relocations

Social Circle - Fairplay Road

Social Circle - Fairplay Road, a major east-west connector in southeastern Walton County, will be relocated as part of the Hard Labor Creek Regional Reservoir project.  This project includes 9,500 linear feet of road improvements, as well as the construction of two new bridges which will span the reservoir at Hard Labor Creek and Reedy Creek.  Construction began in March 2013 and was completed in January 2016.

Mount Paron Church Road

The Mount Paron Church Road culvert project was required to elevate the roadway above the proposed water elevation of Hard Labor Creek Regional Reservoir.  This project included the construction of a double 10' x 10' reinforced concrete box culvert at Rocky Creek, and raising the road elevation at this location by 17 vertical feet to clear the reservoir pool level.  Construction began in October 2013, and Mount Paron Church Road was reopened to traffic in April 2014. 

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Water Intake Structure

The Water Intake Structure (WIS) is a critical component of the overall reservoir project, and will essentially convey raw or untreated water from the reservoir to the future Water Treatment Facility.  The Water Intake Structure is a reinforced concrete tower, approximately 74 feet tall at completion, that will be constructed within the reservoir pool.  This structure also includes two 72-inch inlet pipes that will extend out into the reservoir, to collect and convey raw water to the future Water Treatment Facility.  The Water Intake Structure includes control gates which will allow operators to pull water from various levels within the reservoir based on water quality and seasonal conditions.  The WIS will also include a series of pumps that will convey the raw or untreated water to the future Water Treatment Facility.  Construction began in May 2013 and was completed in December 2015.     

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