Although a final decision has not been made on the recreational activities that will be provided in the area of Hard Labor Creek Regional Reservoir, the proposed activities will likely include: electric or self-propelled boats, fishing, picnic areas, and other passive recreational uses. Because the reservoir’s primary purpose is drinking water supply, there will be some limits to recreational activities to protect water quality.  Prohibited activities include: the use of boats powered by gas, diesel, or other internal combustion engines; swimming, diving, snorkeling, or scuba diving; and hunting.

The Reservoir Management Plan has been approved by the Georgia Environmental Protection Division, and a copy is available in PDF Version.

The primary and overriding objective of this Plan is to preserve and protect the quality of water in the Reservoir. Subordinate objectives are to regulate the management, protection, and preservation of the Reservoir's shoreline and environment; to establish and maintain acceptable fish and wildlife habitat, aesthetic quality, and natural environmental conditions; to protect Project Lands and adjacent Private Lands; and to accommodate the safe and healthful use of Project Lands and Waters for recreational purposes by the general public.

Draft Public Access and Fishing Regulations can be viewed HERE.  Any Comments or Suggestions should be directed to

At this time the Hard Labor Creek Reservoir is tentatively scheduled to open for public fishing in November 2017.